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Chamber makes case for gas tax increase to fund infrastructure

A shutdown of the federal government is set to start in less than 24 hours with little hope for a deal.

Without action by Congress, the government will shut down Saturday.

Bookmark this link for the latest developments. House GOP leaders to send lawmakers home   10:09 a.m. House GOP leaders are giving their rank-and-file members the green light to leave Washington Friday after the last vote series of the week set for late this morning, sources said. It means House lawmakers won't stick around the Capitol to see if the Senate passes the one-month government funding bill that the House passed a day earlier.  The feeling among House Republicans is: The House did it's job; now it's the Senate's turn to avert a shutdown at midnight Friday. But Senate Democrats say they'll filibuster the continuing resolution (CR) and force a shutdown unless there is a deal to protect young undocumented "Dreamer" immigrants.  "Nothing has changed scheduling wise in the House. It currently stands that after the vote members are allowed to leave," said a GOP aide familiar with the House schedule.

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