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Water infrastructure employment: A pipeline to opportunity

Brennan HobanThursday, June 28, 2018

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Sarah Miner contributed to this post

Americans don’t often think about water infrastructure – or all the workers who help maintain it –but these workers are essential to our lives and well-being. Holding jobs that range from lawyers to technicians, water workers oversee the infrastructure that allows Americans to drink clean water, take reliable showers, and perform other routine tasks every day. While doing so, these workers also enjoy good wages and develop marketable skills. However, due to large numbers of workers set to retire in the coming years, their numbers are dwindling. Without replacement workers, the future of U.S. water infrastructure is in trouble. A recently released report by Joseph Kane and Adie Tomer from the Metropolitan Policy Program highlights the valuable opportunity that the water infrastructure industry offers to American workers. With above average wages, a large number of job openings, and lower formal educational barriers to entry, the water sector can be an accessible vehicle for Americans to earn a livable wage.

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