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Infraday connects infrastructure leaders for a resilient and sustainable future, fostering public and private sector collaboration, innovation, and transformation across the entire ecosystem.

Founded in 2017, Infraday is a media production company with an exclusive focus on infrastructure-related topics. We excel in organizing a diverse range of events, including industry virtual gatherings, tailor-made bespoke experiences, and in-person conferences. These events serve as a platform for assembling influential leaders in the field of infrastructure from various sectors, such as city, federal, state, and tribal authorities across North America.

Infraday's events provide a unique opportunity for senior infrastructure leaders to converge and exchange ideas, knowledge, and best practices. Our expertise lies in convening professionals who specialize in a wide array of infrastructure domains, including broadband connectivity, urban development, electric and autonomous vehicles, climate resilience, energy systems, shared mobility, industrial infrastructure, social infrastructure, telecommunications, water management, and transportation networks.

Through our comprehensive events, Infraday fosters collaboration, innovation, and strategic partnerships among key stakeholders in the infrastructure sector.  We play a vital role in driving forward the development and implementation of sustainable and efficient infrastructure solutions across North America.


In addition to our event organization expertise, Infraday also offers comprehensive marketing solutions to a diverse range of organizations operating in the fields of engineering, construction, architecture, legal services, finance, technology, and consulting. These marketing solutions are designed to help these organizations strengthen relationships and establish connections with agencies involved in the development of various infrastructure projects.

By leveraging our industry knowledge and extensive network, Infraday assists our clients in effectively promoting their services and capabilities to relevant agencies and decision-makers. Infraday's marketing solutions enable organizations to enhance their visibility, build credibility, and seize opportunities within the infrastructure sector, facilitating valuable collaborations and business growth.

Upcoming Events - 2024

About us

Infraday's events provide a platform for infrastructure leaders to exchange ideas and best practices, share innovative solutions and technologies, and build networks and partnerships. By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders from various sectors, Infraday aims to foster collaboration and accelerate progress in infrastructure development. In addition to our events, Infraday produces media content focused on infrastructure, including podcasts, video interviews, and reports. Our media content provides insights into current trends and challenges in infrastructure development, as well as showcasing innovative projects and technologies. One of Infraday's key strengths is our ability to tailor events to specific sectors and regions. We work closely with local partners and stakeholders to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in a given area and create events that address those issues. Infraday's events have been highly successful in bringing together senior infrastructure leaders from across North America. Our events have featured speakers from a wide range of organizations, including federal, state, and local government agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations. Infraday's focus on infrastructure and our ability to bring together key stakeholders from various sectors contributes to advancing infrastructure development in North America and beyond. Our events and media content provide valuable insights into current trends and challenges in infrastructure development and offer a platform for collaboration and innovation.

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