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Contact: Ken Bauco - or 646 675 0171 for more information.

Infraday has established partnerships with many prominent construction, engineering, architecture, technology and professional service firms in North America over the past 7 years.

Partnering on an Infraday event offers a multitude of benefits for businesses and organizations across various infrastructure sectors. Here are the key advantages:

Targeted Audience:


Infraday's events attract influential leaders, professionals, and decision-makers from diverse infrastructure areas. Sponsoring such an event ensures exposure to a targeted audience relevant to specific sectors of interest.

Knowledge Exchange:


Infraday events provide a platform for knowledge exchange among industry experts, policymakers, and thought leaders. Sponsors have the opportunity to contribute to discussions, share insights, and gain valuable industry knowledge.


Collaboration Opportunities:


With a broad spectrum of infrastructure areas covered, Infraday events facilitate collaboration among stakeholders from different sectors. Sponsoring organizations can leverage this collaborative environment to establish partnerships, explore joint ventures, and identify new business opportunities.

Innovation Promotion:


Infraday events foster innovation by showcasing cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and emerging trends in various infrastructure domains. Sponsors can position themselves as innovation drivers and gain exposure to the latest advancements in the industry.

Networking and Relationship Building:


Sponsoring an Infraday event enables access to a network of influential leaders and industry professionals. This provides opportunities for networking, relationship building, and establishing connections with potential clients, partners, and investors.

Brand Visibility and Recognition:


Infraday events attract a significant audience, including key industry players and media representatives. Sponsoring an event provides prominent brand visibility, exposure, and recognition among the infrastructure community, reinforcing the sponsoring organization's reputation.

Thought Leadership and Expertise Showcase:


Sponsors can demonstrate their expertise and thought leadership by participating in panel discussions, delivering keynote speeches, or hosting workshops. This positions the sponsoring organization as an industry leader and enhances credibility within the infrastructure sector.

Access to Market Insights:


Infraday events provide sponsors with access to market insights, trends, and regulatory updates across a wide range of infrastructure areas. This knowledge empowers organizations to make informed decisions, adapt to market dynamics, and stay ahead of the competition.

Media Coverage and Publicity:


Infraday events often receive significant media coverage and attention. Sponsors can benefit from media exposure through press releases, interviews, and media partnerships, amplifying brand reach and increasing visibility.


Positive Brand Association:


By aligning with Infraday, an esteemed and reputable event organizer in the infrastructure domain, sponsors can enhance their brand reputation and establish positive brand association with industry excellence, collaboration, and innovation.


In summary, sponsoring an Infraday event provides a host of advantages, including access to a targeted audience, knowledge exchange, collaboration opportunities, innovation promotion, networking, brand visibility, thought leadership, market insights, media coverage, and positive brand association. These benefits enable organizations to forge valuable connections, drive business growth, and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving infrastructure landscape.

Engaging with us


Establish Clear Objectives:


  • Define specific goals and targets for the partnership, including desired speaking engagements, whether this be leading a panel discussion or delivering a stand-alone presentation.

  • Align partners objectives with the event's theme and audience.


Customize Partnership Packages:


  • Collaborate with Infraday to create tailored partnership packages that include speaking opportunities and variety of other deliverables.

  • Include prominent branding and recognition for the partner within the speaking engagement.


Leverage Brand Exposure:


  • Utilize event marketing channels to promote the partner's brand and speaking presence.

  • Secure prominent logo placement, signage, and announcements related to the speaking opportunity.


Engage in Pre-Event Promotion:


  • Participate in pre-event promotional campaigns and social media activities related to the partner's speaking involvement.

  • Share insights and teasers from the partner's upcoming participation to generate interest.


Optimize On-Site Branding:


  • Ensure the partner's branding is strategically placed for maximum visibility, especially around the speaking area.

  • Provide branded materials or giveaways during the speaking session to reinforce the partner's presence.


Facilitate Networking Opportunities:


  • Arrange networking sessions or exclusive events centered around the partner's speaking engagement.

  • Foster connections between the partner, attendees, and other industry thought leaders.


Monitor and Measure ROI:


  • Implement mechanisms to track the impact of the speaking opportunity on brand visibility and audience engagement.

  • Analyze metrics such as audience interaction, lead generation, and post-event interest.


Provide Post-Event Exposure:


  • Extend the partner's visibility through post-event marketing initiatives that highlight the partner's speaking contribution.

  • Share recordings or highlights of the partner's speech to increase post-event engagement.


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