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In its 6th year, Infraday East has established itself as the leading event covering the Future of Infrastructure in the Northeast Corridor. 


The Northeast Corridor (NEC) is not only a critical transportation route but also a hub for various other infrastructure systems. In addition to its rail and broadband networks, the NEC plays a vital role in energy transportation, climate resilience, and stormwater management.

Regarding energy transportation, the NEC facilitates the movement of electricity, natural gas, and other energy resources to meet the region's demands. It serves as a conduit for power transmission and distribution, contributing to a reliable and efficient energy grid.

Climate resilience and stormwater management are crucial in the face of increasing extreme weather events. The NEC's infrastructure must be designed and maintained to withstand the impacts of storms, flooding, and rising sea levels. Green infrastructure and stormwater management systems are being implemented to mitigate flooding and enhance the corridor's resilience.

Furthermore, the NEC's broadband infrastructure is essential for supporting digital connectivity and enabling communication and data transfer. High-speed internet access along the corridor is crucial for businesses, residents, and institutions, fostering innovation, economic growth, and social connectivity.

By integrating these various infrastructure systems, the NEC can enhance its sustainability, efficiency, and resilience, creating a vibrant and interconnected corridor for the region's communities.

The event will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops on a range of topics, including transportation, energy, water, and communication infrastructure. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, share their experiences, and collaborate on solutions to the challenges facing infrastructure development across the Northeast Corridor. 

The event aims to provide a platform for participants to network, engage, and collaborate with each other and explore new partnerships to advance infrastructure development across the Northeast Corridor. We invite all interested parties to join us at this event and contribute to the critical conversation on infrastructure development and modernization.

2023 Speakers Included
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2023 Partners Included

2023 Agenda

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