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Welcome to the 4th Infraday Midwest. This event aims to bring together policymakers, industry experts, researchers, and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to infrastructure development and modernization across the Midwest region.


Public infrastructure in the Midwest plays a crucial role in supporting economic growth, connectivity, and quality of life for its residents. The region encompasses a vast network of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, airports, railways, water and wastewater systems, energy grids, and public facilities. Investments in the Midwest's public infrastructure aim to address maintenance and modernization needs, enhance transportation efficiency, promote sustainable practices, and ensure resilient infrastructure systems. These efforts are crucial for fostering regional development, attracting businesses, facilitating trade, improving mobility, and providing essential services to communities throughout the Midwest. Public-private partnerships, federal funding, and collaboration among various stakeholders are vital for sustaining and advancing infrastructure initiatives in the region.


2023 Topics Will Include:

Infrastructure Investment – State of the Market

Project Delivery – Delivering Projects More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively 

Kansas City – Sustainable Projects

Equity in Public Infrastructure 

EV Infrastructure in the Midwest

Tools, Tips, and Tech for ESG - Best Practices for Managing and Measuring Your Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance Goals

Leveraging Spectrum Innovation to Bridge the Digital Divide in South Bend 

Multi-State Corridor Infrastructure: Transforming Northwest Indiana with Trains, Trails, and Terabytes

Watch Your Assets: Risk vs. Crisis Management

Can Technology Meet the Moment? Build Public Trust & Improve Outcomes with Asset Lifecycle Management

Climate and Infrastructure 

Stormwater Infrastructure

StormStore™ – a market-based approach to building green stormwater infrastructure and nature-based solutions

How will the Inflation Reduction Act Transform Infrastructure Development


The event provides both the public and private sector an opportunity to interact, network and gain knowledge of where the infrastructure market is heading in the Midwest – where the opportunities lie, and what the deficits are, directly from the project owners.


We invite you to join us this June 13 in Chicago!

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2023 Speakers Include

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2023 Partners Include

2023 Agenda - Last Update - 6-12

2023 Venue
Hotel Chicago Downtown, Autograph Collection
333 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 245-0333

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