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Your point of contact on the event is Ken Bauco - 646 675 0171 or


We warmly welcome you to the 2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Summit. This gathering aspires to unite decision-makers, industry professionals, scholars, and concerned parties to examine the hurdles and prospects pertaining to infrastructure enhancement and modernization in the Pacific Northwest region.

A key priority for infrastructure advancement in the Pacific Northwest has been to refine transport systems, stimulate green energy, and boost connectivity. Significant funding has been directed towards the extension and refinement of roads, bridges, and tunnels to improve regional transport and expedite commerce. The region has also committed to developing efficient public transit alternatives such as light rail and rapid bus transit to decrease traffic and cut down emissions. In harmony with the region's dedication to eco-friendliness, significant efforts are being made towards renewable energy ventures, like wind and solar energy projects. Furthermore, initiatives to augment broadband connectivity and invest in resilient infrastructure for climate change impact mitigation are also underway. The aim of these infrastructure projects is to spur economic growth, encourage sustainability, and enhance the overall living conditions in the Pacific Northwest.

This summit will offer keynote addresses, panel discussions, and engaging workshops centered around a plethora of topics, including transport, energy, water, and communication infrastructure. Participants will be presented with a golden opportunity to gain insights from field experts, exchange their own experiences, and work together on potential solutions to the various challenges infrastructure development faces across the Pacific Northwest.

The goal of this event is to serve as a hub for participants to connect, interact, and work in synergy with one another and investigate new alliances to promote infrastructure enhancement throughout the Pacific Northwest. We extend our invitation to all individuals and entities interested to join us at this pivotal event and add to the essential dialogue on infrastructure development and modernization.

2023 Topics Included:

Analysis of Current State and Trends in Infrastructure Investment Market

Strategies for Optimizing Project Delivery to Achieve Efficiency and Cost-Efficiency

Leveraging Digital Transformation to Enhance Services and Operational Efficiency

Exploring the Transformational Potential of the Inflation Reduction Act on Infrastructure Development

Advancing Equity Goals in the Planning and Development of Public Infrastructure

Integration of Cutting-Edge Technologies to Elevate Infrastructure Project Performance

Envisioning the Future of Transportation: Shaping Urban Mobility Landscape

Paving the Way for a Sustainable Energy Future through Thoughtful Energy Infrastructure Investments

Strengthening Infrastructure Resilience against Climate-Related Challenges

Facilitating the Growth of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure to Support Green Transportation

Innovative Approaches to Stormwater Infrastructure for Effective Water Management

Bridging Socioeconomic Gaps through Strategic Broadband Development Initiatives

Navigating the Complex Landscape of Strategic Projects in Airport Infrastructure

Elevating Rail Infrastructure to Meet Evolving Mobility Needs with Modern Solutions

We invite you to join us on this September 19th in Seattle!

2023 Speakers Included

Interested in becoming a partner or exhibitor? Please contact

2023 Partners Included

2023 Agenda (Last Update 9-18)

2023 Venue
Sheraton Grand Seattle
1400 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

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