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Your point of contact on the event is Ken Bauco @ 646 675 0171 or

Welcome to the 4th Annual Infraday Southeast Summit. This event aims to bring together policymakers, industry experts, researchers, and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to infrastructure development and modernization across the Southeastern U.S.


Public infrastructure in the Southeast has been a focus of development and improvement. Major transportation projects have been undertaken to enhance connectivity and mobility. Highways and interstates have been expanded and upgraded, improving interstate commerce and travel. Additionally, investments have been made in expanding and modernizing airports to accommodate growing passenger and cargo demands. Public transit systems have also seen advancements, with new rail lines, bus rapid transit systems, and improved intermodal connectivity. Efforts have been made to strengthen and upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure, ensuring access to clean water and promoting sustainable development. These infrastructure investments aim to support economic growth, enhance quality of life, and meet the evolving needs of the region.

The event will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops on a range of topics, including transportation, energy, water, and communication infrastructure. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, share their experiences, and collaborate on solutions to the challenges facing infrastructure development across the Southeast.

The event aims to provide a platform for participants to network, engage, and collaborate with each other and explore new partnerships to advance infrastructure development across the Southeast. We invite all interested parties to join us at this event and contribute to the critical conversation on infrastructure development and modernization.

2024 Speakers Include

2024 Agenda


Hilton Nashville Downtown

121 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201

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