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Infraday Media Services

Since its inception in 2017, Infraday has emerged as the dominant provider of content, virtual, and in-person events catering to the public infrastructure markets in North America. The company has successfully collaborated with over 10,000 infrastructure leaders throughout the region, offering them a valuable platform to engage, learn, and network.

Infraday's events have become renowned for their high-quality content, bringing together industry experts, senior leaders, and decision-makers from the public infrastructure sector. These gatherings provide a forum for knowledge exchange, fostering discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in areas such as transportation, energy, water management, telecommunications, and urban development.

Through our virtual and in-person events, Infraday enables infrastructure professionals to connect with their peers, establish meaningful relationships, and explore partnership opportunities. Infraday's well-curated programs feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, creating an environment conducive to collaboration and innovation.

Infraday's commitment to facilitating engagement, learning, and networking has played a pivotal role in advancing the public infrastructure sector in North America. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, Infraday continues to contribute significantly to the growth and development of the industry.


At Infraday we have a dual mission for the private and public sector.


1.) In the public sector, Infraday's mission is to offer city, federal, state, and tribal infrastructure leaders a distinctive platform through live and virtual events. Our goal is to provide them with opportunities to share compelling stories, case studies, and experiences centered on new capital improvement programs, policy decisions, technology advancements, and innovations.

These events focus on addressing topics that have a significant impact on climate, infrastructure, transportation, energy, and water infrastructure within their respective jurisdictions. By facilitating knowledge sharing and fostering collaboration, Infraday aims to support the advancement and development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure solutions in the public sector.

2.) In the private sector, Infraday's mission is to empower companies offering infrastructure solutions to engage with and establish meaningful connections with executives in the public and private sectors. We provide comprehensive business development and marketing solutions that enable these companies to interact with infrastructure executives, fostering valuable partnerships and collaborations. Through our services, we assist in showcasing the capabilities and expertise of these companies, enhancing their visibility and facilitating opportunities for growth. Infraday strives to be a trusted facilitator, connecting solution providers with infrastructure executives and contributing to the success and advancement of the infrastructure industry as a whole.

Event Sponsorship | Exhibition


Infraday has successfully collaborated with numerous public and private sector organizations through its live events, delivering tangible benefits such as:



  • Lead generation: Assisting organizations in generating new business opportunities and potential clients.

  • Improved brand awareness: Increasing visibility and recognition of organizations among target audiences.

  • Enhancing market presence: Strengthening organizations' positioning and influence within the industry.

  • Competitive advantage: Helping organizations stand out from competitors through tailored sponsorship programs.

  • Media exposure: Providing opportunities for organizations to gain media coverage and amplify their message.

  • Extended reach: Expanding the reach of organizations' marketing efforts to engage with a broader audience.

  • Increased sales: Driving revenue growth and improving return on investment for organizations.


Infraday's goal is to enable each organization it collaborates with to achieve substantial ROI by designing customized sponsorship programs that align with their specific goals and target audience, facilitating meaningful partnerships and business opportunities.

Sponsored Webinars


Infraday collaborates with top private and public infrastructure organizations to develop customized webinars, which are made available free of charge to Infraday clients and select invited participants. We offer comprehensive support throughout the process, including content development, marketing, and speaker acquisition. Our turnkey solution ensures that your experts can effectively reach a broad audience of infrastructure decision-makers across various industries in North America. By leveraging our platform, your organization can showcase expertise, share valuable insights, and engage with a diverse range of stakeholders, contributing to thought leadership and fostering meaningful connections within the infrastructure community.

Event Attendance


Infraday is immensely grateful for the support of over 10,000 infrastructure professionals who have attended our events in the past five years. We strive to offer a truly unique experience to our attendees, providing them with best-in-class content, networking opportunities, and business development prospects.


By participating in our events, individuals can expect to:

  • Stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the infrastructure sector.

  • Connect with influential executives and key decision-makers in the industry.

  • Acquire valuable knowledge that can be directly applied to their business activities.

  • Gain insights into competitors' strategies and learn how to differentiate their own company.

  • Utilize networking opportunities to expand their customer base and forge new business relationships.


Our ultimate goal is to ensure that attendees have an exceptional experience, leaving our events with valuable contacts and actionable information that will positively impact their business operations.

Meeting Scheduling


Infraday collaborates with private sector organizations to facilitate in-person and virtual meetings with potential prospects. Our expertise lies in arranging highly effective meetings for companies seeking to enter new markets. Over the years, we have successfully organized hundreds of meetings, connecting businesses with valuable opportunities to expand their market presence. Through our strategic matchmaking process and comprehensive network, we enable private sector organizations to engage with key decision-makers, establish meaningful connections, and explore avenues for growth. Infraday's dedication to driving successful business interactions empowers companies to seize new market opportunities and forge productive partnerships.

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